Hillsborough Baseball League (HBL) The Hillsborough Baseball League (HBL) is an independent, non-profit youth organization serving the community of Hillsborough, NJ since 1955. The league plays at Mountain View Park in Hillsborough, NJ.
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Currently Open: 

2021 Workbond Registration

2021 Spring Recreation Registration

2021 Manager/Coach Registration

2021 Buddy League Registration

2021 Junior Umpire Registration



For 2021 we are using the same Online Registration process that was used for the past 11 years.   If you registered in any year beginning 2010 for an HBL program, please re-use the profile you already have created. If the last time you registered was prior to 2010, you are considered a new player. The registration page has instructions for retrieving your password if you do not remember your password.

While registering please review your contact information and update anything that has changed.  
If you would like to receive text messages when fields are closed you must specify cell phone provider.

Click  on the "Begin Registration" button below to start the registration process


If this is the first time you are registering for an HBL program, registration is completed in three steps...

1. Establish an Account.
Parents / Guardians will establish an account with League Athletics. The title at the top of the page will say:
Guardian Information
This is where you enter information about you. At the bottom of the page is an option to enter information about a second Parent / Guardian. Using this, you will be able to customize notification options (e.g. text message / email) for each Parent. This is a one-time process - you will not need to repeat this for future registrations.

Please list all emails that you would like notifications sent when registering. 

If you would like to receive text messages when fields are closed you must specify cell phone provider.
2. Register Each Player
Each player will be registered individually. The top of the page will say
Participant Information
As with the adult registration, you will only be required to enter your child's information once -- it will be retained for all future registrations.

NOTE -- after you register one player, on the registration review page, you will have the option to register another or complete your registration with your Payment. To receive the family discount, you must register all of your players prior to submitting payment.


Complete your registration by Paying Online. You can pay by Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) or Electronic Check (direct debit from your checking or savings account). 

NOTE -- your registration is not complete until you've completed payment. We will not allow players who have not paid to participate in league practices or games. If the cost of the program is prohibitive for your family, please contact the league president to discuss alternate arrangements.  

In order to start the process, please click the
Begin Registration Button below.

If you have questions about the registration process please email
2021 Manager / Coach Volunteer Registration


Managers must be registered prior to the rec draft.  

Step 1:
All those who are volunteering as a team Manager or Coach for the 2021 season need to complete this registration.
PLEASE NOTE:  You will be asked to upload a scanned a copy of your Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Certification card, if we do not already have a copy on file.  This can either be a scanned image or a picture of the card.  Please note that the image must be a PICTURE file (e.g. JPG) and not a PDF.  Please make sure that the card is legible.  If you took the course, but do not have the card, please visit the Rutgers Youth Safety program website to request a new card.
Step 2:
All those who are volunteering as a team Manager or Coach must complete a background check.  To be in compliance with Babe Ruth Baseball League regulations all coaches must complete a background check every year.
The volunteer is responsible for the cost of the background check.  To apply for your background check, please read the supporting documentation.  Upon completion of background check application, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please forward that email to playeragent@hillsboroughbaseball.org.



Opened: 10/22/2020

2021 Junior Umpire Registration

All new and returning umpires must complete this registration.
Training dates:

Location Room C1 of HMS (6:30pm-8:00pm) on the following dates:

February 7
February 21

Mandatory for all umpires.

In order to umpire in 2017 one must:

Be in good financial standing with HBL
Be 14 years of age as of 4/1/17



Opened: 04/01/2021