Hillsborough Baseball League (HBL) The Hillsborough Baseball League (HBL) is an independent, non-profit youth organization serving the community of Hillsborough, NJ since 1955. The league plays at Mountain View Park in Hillsborough, NJ.
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2016 - 8U Travel Team Program

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2016 8U Tournament Team Program

The purpose of our 8U Travel Program is to improve the individual skills of the players on the team(s). This is a competitive team(s) in which a significant time commitment is expected.


The 2016 8U Tournament Team evaluation process will begin on April 26, 2016. It will consist of an evaluation from an independent and knowledgeable baseball instructor/coach in conjunction with evaluations from the prospective Tournament Team Managers, as well as final review by the Tournament Team Committee.


Tournament team participation requires a significant commitment, particularly the entire months of June and July. For families who plan on vacationing during that time, we ask that you speak with the HBL Travel Team Director or your child's regular season manager prior to entering the selection process to ensure this is right for your family. Being selected to a team and then being unavailable for an extended number of games will severely impact the player’s eligibility. Please understand we do this to be fair to other family that may be available to make a full commitment.

The schedule will depend on the number of tournaments entered.  This will be at the discretion of the team manager.  The Gold (A level) 8U Team will be required participate in the District Tournament.


All tournament & travel team fees are at the expense of the parents/guardians of the players on the respective teams. Please expect the fees to be in the $250 - $400 range. This number may decrease/increase depending upon the number of games, practices, and tournaments on the team schedule. Special payment arrangements due to financial hardships will be considered and should be discussed with the HBL President.


Players are required to register and participate in two (2) evaluation sessions. Fee will be $20 at time of registration. Your child must be registered by April 21st; no walk-ups will be allowed. The session will be approximately 1-1.5 hours and consist of hitting and fielding drills. Players will also have the option of having their pitching and catching skills evaluated.

2016 Evaluation Dates:

‪Tuesday 4/26 @5:45pm

‪Sunday 5/1 @9:00am

‪Sunday 5/1 @10:15am

‪Tuesday 5/3 @5:45pm

Location:  Valley Road @ Ditmars

Session Limit: 12 players per session

You must sign-up for two of the evaluation dates.

Absolutely no walk-ups will be evaluated.

Conduct During Evaluations: Parents will not allowed to provide instructions to their child during the actual evaluation as it may be unsettling to the other children who are trying to stay focused. Parents must wait in the parking lot during the entire evaluation. This will be strictly enforced.

Evaluation Dress Code: It is recommend that you have your child dressed for baseball: pants w/belt, tucked t-shirts, cleats and baseball cap. Players are absolutely NOT permitted to wear tournament or travel uniforms from prior seasons. Additionally, no equipment for use during the evaluation will be provided by the HBL.

Team Formation

Tournament teams are formed for the purpose of competitive play. Our managers understand that we are still in the business of youth baseball development and to the best of their ability make sure our kids have opportunities to get better. That being said, playing time & position placement is at the full discretion of the manager. We ask that you have a conversation with your child as to what this means and what could happen prior to joining a tournament team.

Team selection (manager and players) will be completed soon after the final evaluation date with notification to participants shortly thereafter. Players invited to participate must respond to the email and register for the travel team within 48 hours. This will be strictly enforced.

Player Selection: Evaluators will apply a rating to each participant in four (4) categories: running, throwing, fielding (infield & outfield), and hitting. Those wishing to be considered as a pitcher or catcher will also get an opportunity to do so, but those scores will not be included in the overall total. Upon completion the total score of each participant will compiled and compared against each other (from highest to lowest) for the purposes of forming the team(s). The number of players willing to commit to the 8U Tournament Team program will determine the amount of teams formed.  Please understand that there is the potential for cuts to be made.  It is our intention to form both A and B level teams. The players ranked in the top 9 are guaranteed a spot on the roster if they choose to accept it. The manager will then be given 3-4 discretionary picks to fill out the roster. If the number of remaining interested players is enough to form a second team, then a second team will be formed. 

Manager Selection: Anyone interested in managing this team must submit a Manager Application.  Applications must be submitted by April 21st.

This individual:

  • Does not have to be a current manager in HBL;

  • Must be in good standing with HBL with all financial responsibilities met or have had arrangements made for, and must be in good standing from a disciplinary standpoint;

  • Must attend and submit player evaluations at the Evaluations;

  • Must have their Rutgers Safety Certification;

  • Must complete online Babe Ruth Coaching Certification.

  • Must complete a Background Check;

  • Must complete Concussion Certification.

Once player rankings are determined, if possible, a manager will be selected from the top 9 rated players. If there are going to be two teams, a manager will be selected from each group of players.

Please direct any questions to